My Thoughts After 4 Years on a Non-Peloton Bike with the Peloton App

Did you know you can still enjoy Peloton classes without the Peloton bike? While Peleton’s commercials lead you to believe you must have a Peloton to enjoy their classes, you can access their Peloton app without owning a Peloton bike. I have used the Peloton app with my Bowflex C6 for over four years. I will give you a sneak peek of what you need to know when using the app with a non-Peloton bike.

While I do not miss being locked down during COVID-19, I do miss Peloton giving full access to their platform for less than $13 per month. Long gone are the days when I could enjoy unlimited cycling classes without paying for the top tier of their platform membership options. Peloton now offers a variety of membership tiers for their app customers.

I will explain everything you need to know about the new app tier options!

Detailed Peloton App Review

One thing that hasn’t changed throughout the years is the energy and positivity of the Peloton instructors. I love that my favorite instructors, including Olivia Amato and Kendall Toole, continue to teach for this brand. However, Peloton has added new app features and limitations based on your selected app membership.

Specs / Features

The Peloton app is available on tablets, smartphones, and Smart TVs. Android TV is limited as it will only work with Android OS 7 or above. The internet is required to access and stream any of the Peloton content. This app can also pair with select Smartwatches, including Apple, Galaxy, and Samsung.

Membership Details

Three different membership levels are now available, including a free version, App One, and App+. Peloton offers a 30-day free trial if you prefer to try this app before locking into monthly charges. Please look at the table below to see how these app options differ.

Membership TypeFree EditionApp OneApp+
Monthly PriceFree$12.99$24
Exercise bike, treadmill, & rower workouts
No Peloton equipment needed
Only free classes are provided, not always in English3/MonthUnlimited
Strength, yoga, outdoor running, HIIT, and more
Stream classes on mobile, tablet, web, and TV apps
Step-by-step gym workouts
Activity tracking outside of Peloton workouts
Programs and challenges 
Smart Watch® & heart rate monitor connection
Real-time cycling metrics using a cadence monitor 
Exclusive classes with special guests and themes  
Leaderboard access
Exclusive Classes  

Pros & Cons of New Tiered App


·       Multiple price points to select from

·       Access to various class formats

·       New gym classes available

·       Linking to smartphone offered

·       Leaderboard is available for every membership level


·       More expensive for previous products offered

·       Limited options for classes offered and languages they are taught in unless the higher plan is purchased

Cycling Class Availability & Variety

Dependent on which app membership you have purchased does impact class availability. For those who prefer the app’s free version, live classes are non-existent, the classes offered are minimal, and a handful of pre-recorded classes are accessible. Not all pre-recorded classes are in English, but subtitles are provided.

The entire catalog and class line-up are available if you have purchased the App One or App+ memberships. However, a monthly three-cycling class limit exists for those who have only selected the App One option. The $24/month App+ membership allows riders to take as many classes as they desire.

Classes can be selected based on music genres, duration, instructor preference, and class type if you have purchased the App One or App+ membership tiers.

Other Classes Offered

All three membership plans offer a variety of classes besides cycling. These classes include meditation, strength, running, rowing, yoga, stretching, walking, outdoor, and cardio. Newer app features include Just Work Out and Peloton Gym.

peloton classes

You can now track your activities outside of a Peloton class on your Peloton App using the Just Work Out feature available for both IOS and Android. This feature allows you to receive credit for these non-Peloton activities, which will count towards your streaks, challenges, achievements, and more. While using this feature, you can listen to your favorite third-party music streaming service.

When using Peloton Gym, you receive step-by-step workout plans. These plans are easy to follow and allow you to stick to your weight training routines. It is an excellent addition when you prefer not to take an instructor-led weight training class.

Metrics Available

Whether you are wearing an Apple, Galaxy, or Samsung Watch, Peloton offers the ability for these watches to connect to the app using WearOS. I never had this option when using my Fitbit, but I can now enjoy this feature with my Samsung Watch. I can now track my heart rate instead of using an additional monitor. Pace, calories burned, and distance can also be tracked. The app links to your Fitbit account so that you can earn credit for your steps and streaks.

Unfortunately, if you are interested in tracking your cadence within the Peloton app, this feature is only offered if you have purchased the App+ plan. However, I do not see this as an issue if your indoor cycling bike has a cadence monitor, a standard feature among commercial-grade indoor cycling bikes. I watch my cadence on my bike compared to the app, anyway.


One thing that I appreciate about Peloton is its ability to retain its cycling instructors. My favorite instructors from four years ago still teach for the company today, with many new instructors being added. Peloton now offers classes in English, Spanish, and German since they have new instructors on the team. Peloton’s instructors help keep you motivated through their knowledge and positivity, which is why so many people select this platform over others. This platform is my favorite for taking classes because of the instructors when comparing it to various other apps and platforms I have tried throughout the years.

My Instructor Tips for Using the Peloton App Without the Peloton Bike

Find the Bike That is Right for You

When I started searching for my bike, I looked for one that included features I liked and could pair with the Peloton app. I chose the Bowflex C6 since it did not come with a monitor, allowing it to have a smaller footprint and was affordable while offering an excellent cycling experience.

Many bikes that offer a monitor only allow it to be paired with that brand’s platform. However, some still provide integration with Peloton, such as the Exchelon EX-15.  

Consider Other Apps

While the Peloton app offers a lot of versatility, many other apps are available on the market. If you enjoy additional apps such as Sufferfest, Strava, or Apple Fitness, many bikes provide access to these apps in addition to Peloton.

Select the Right Plan

Since Peloton offers the option to complete a free trial before being charged, I recommend testing the app membership option that you feel you might want to purchase. A 30-day trial might be long enough to decide if the three cycling classes per month are sufficient for you or if the App+ membership might be better.

If you are a metrics person and prefer to track your metrics in one place, that might also help determine which plan is right for you since the two paid membership options offer different access to how your numbers are displayed and tracked within the app.

Decide How You Will Stream the App

If you plan on using your smartphone, tablet, or television, it is crucial to understand what access you will have depending on the operating system that you are using.

Is the Peloton app worth it? My honest opinion

If you will use the app regularly, then it is worth the expense. I think that the way Peloton has the app membership tiered, if your primary class choice is cycling, you are stuck paying for App+. The unlimited classes are worth it. I wish the price were still more affordable at $13/month, like it once was, instead of $24/month. Even at this new price point, I still believe that Peloton offers one of the best platforms in the form of class content, production quality, and motivating instructors.

Katie Pierson CPT

Katie has been a certified fitness professional for twenty years and holds ten fitness certifications, including Spinning Elite and Personal Training. She has shared her expert knowledge in many fitness outlets like Bicycling & Verywellfit.

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