Meet our expert writers & Product Testers

Katie Pierson

Certified Spinning® Instructor & Personal Trainer

Katie is the creator of MT Girl Fitness and has been a certified fitness professional for almost twenty years. She holds ten fitness certifications, including Group Fitness, Spinning Elite, Rockstar Spinning, and Personal Training.

Robbie Ferri

Certified Spinning® Instructor, Personal Trainer & Ultra-Distance Cyclist

Robbie Ferri from Riding with Robbie has been cycling for almost ten years. In that time, he has broken World Records, Bikepacked all over the World, and also raced ultra distance at a top-level.

Why is Unique

Our writer contributors are professional writers with several years of experience in their fields, such as Spinning® Instructors and Personal Trainers. We write what we know (and we really know our stuff), giving you accurate, well-researched articles about indoor cycling.

We try to buy and test almost every product that we suggest in our articles, and you can also see the video of the test on our YouTube channel.

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