My Side Shaper Review (Does It Worth The Hype?)

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In a world that seems to be consumed by appearance, who doesn’t like the idea of having a tight and toned core? However, many do not understand that having a strong core (abdominals and back) is more crucial than aesthetics. According to a recent study, low back pain is the number one reason for work disability and impacts over 570 million people globally. A weakened core increases the potential for back pain, especially in women.

As a fitness professional, my journey has been marked by personal challenges. The most significant of these was the impact on my core strength after my pregnancies, which led to years of compromised core strength and lower back pain. This personal struggle is what made me so eager to try the SideShaper. Could it be the solution I’ve been searching for? Could it help you, too? Read on to find out.

My Verdict: The Pros and Cons

Over the course of my career, I’ve tested numerous core equipment, some delivering on their promises, others falling short. The SideShaper was a new name to me, but it has pleasantly surprised me with its user-friendly design, adjustable intensity levels, and versatile muscle group targeting options.

It’s crucial to understand that spot-reducing is a myth. The SideShaper, like any other fitness equipment, won’t magically melt fat off your stomach. Sustainable fat loss requires a balanced diet, cardio exercise, strength training, and maintaining a calorie deficit. If you do lose weight with the SideShaper, it will be from various areas of your body, not just your stomach.

What I liked

  • Offers multiple levels of intensity due to adjustment capabilities
  • Various positions available for muscle group targeting
  • Easy assembly
  • Collapses for simple storage
  • Nutrition guide provided

What I didn’t

  • Written directions could be better regarding the resistance bands

Muscles Worked

Unlike traditional floor ab exercises, the SideShaper Pro allows multiple muscle groups to work simultaneously. By combining a plank and reverse crunch in every repetition, this machine requires that numerous muscle groups activate and, therefore, helps to provide a more comprehensive workout. The muscles worked with the SideShaper Pro include:

Primary Movers

  • Internal Obliques
  • External Obliques
  • Rectus Abdominus
  • Transverse Abdominals
  • Erector Spinae

Secondary Movers

  • Deltoids
  • Rhomboids
  • Arms
  • Trapezius
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings

SideShaper Standard vs. SideShaper Pro

SideShaper StandardSideShaper Pro
Bilateral SwivelYY
Heart Rate MonitorYY
Free ShippingYY
Yoga MatNY
Resistance BandsNY
Meal Plan and Workout VideoNY

SideShaper Main Components

  • Frame: The alloy metal frame is lightweight, under 30 pounds, but very sturdy. This model accommodates users up to 250 pounds.
  • Resistance: Three resistance bands are included with the SideShaper Pro. They attach to the bottom of the machine, and if pulling your body weight wasn’t enough of a challenge, these little bands add another level of intensity to this machine.
  • LCD Console: A small LCD console is located at the top of the machine. The console tracks metrics such as exercise time, repetitions, and calories burned.
  • Bilateral Swivel: One of the more unique components of this machine is the bilateral swivel. It is padded and can be adjusted to swivel to target the obliques or locked into position to focus on the rectus abdominus.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: The heart rate monitor is conveniently accessible from the SideShaper Pro’s handlebars. These metrics are displayed on the LCD console.
  • Additional Components: In addition to the SideShaper Pro, buyers receive a yoga mat, meal plan, exercise poster, and workout video accompanying the machine.  

SideShaper Pro Space Requirement

The creators of the SideShaper Pro recommend a 4’ X 6’ space for the machine. I found this suggestion correct, and the machine didn’t require more space when I used it in a small workout space within my home.

SideShaper Pro Dimensions: 43.75 x 22.5 x 7 inches

Sideshaper when folded

How We Rated the SideShaper Pro

As in all of our reviews at Girl Bike Love, we rate all of our equipment against a similar scale out of five to ensure that product comparisons are easy for our readers when evaluating which models are right for them. We rate our exercise equipment based on the categories below:

·   Construction Quality & Durability

·   Assembly Process

·   Comfort & Adjustability

·   Support, Financing Options & Warranty

·   Value for Money

My Rating of the SideShaper Pro

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Construction Quality & Durability: 4.8

I found no issues with the machine’s construction quality or durability except for the caps that went on the foam pads. Not all of them fit as well as they could have and were challenging to secure.

I loved how the machine had multiple locking positions, with metal pins to keep it in place safely and store it properly.

Assembly Process: 4.7

The assembly process was extremely fast. The only real issue I experienced was when I tried to tighten one of the screws with my Allen wrench, and there was a random small screw that was stuck in the head of it. Once I was able to pry the little screw out, then I was able to complete my assembly.

Comfort & Adjustability: 5.0

This machine is very comfortable with the padded knee rest and foam handlebars. I loved the adjustability options of the bilateral swivel. Not only could you move it to target your obliques, but there were also other locking options to increase the intensity of the workout. The frame can also be adjusted into three different positions. The adjustability options of this machine allow it to challenge a wide range of participants, from novices to advanced.

Support, Financing Options & Warranty: 2.5

I scored this section lower because I do not see how you can contact customer service or support via the website. I could not find any contact information. If you purchase this model from Amazon, you can contact Amazon.

SideShaper Pro offers a 30-day free trial, which you can return for a full refund. There are a variety of financing options available. If you cannot pay in full, this machine can be purchased in four interest-free payments. Additional monthly payment options are available through SHOP.

I also could not find any warranty information. Typically, products like these are guaranteed for 12 months, but I could not see this message anywhere on the site or Amazon. I found that you can purchase a 10-year extended warranty for $20 if you purchase it at the same time as the SideShaper Pro.

SideShaper Monitor

Value for Money: 5.0

Not everyone will feel comfortable spending $300 on a core machine. Still, if you want to add a piece of well-constructed equipment that offers various levels of intensity, the SideShaper Pro provides incredible value for its price. Unfortunately, over the years, I have wasted money on core equipment close to this price point and did not offer even half of the workout value or construction quality of the SideShaper Pro.

SideShaper Handlebars

My First Impression

This machine touted that you burn 100 calories every five minutes that you use it. While my fitness tracker did not reflect this statement (many factors come into play, such as height and weight when factoring caloric burn), this machine is challenging. My friends enjoy coming over and testing out the latest fitness equipment. One of my friends, who happens to be a nurse, called me the day after using the machine for less than five minutes and said that her abdominals had never been that sore and wanted to know the name of the machine so that she could also purchase it for her home gym.

As I said, even as a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, and spinning instructor, I have struggled with core strength after having my girls. Even using the machine a few times a week for the past eight weeks has improved my core strength. This machine has significantly impacted my strength training routine more than traditional core exercises. I hope that if I continue to use it regularly, my core strength will be restored to my pre-pregnancy level.

Who Should and Shouldn’t Use the SideShaper Pro

Who it is Ideal for

·   Novices/Intermediate/Advanced users

·   Those that live in an apartment or a home

·   People looking to add versatility to their core workouts

Who it is not for

·   People with serious shoulder issues that can’t tolerate holding their body weight

The Bottom Line

The SideShaper Pro is not another ab gimmick. When used regularly, it has the potential to deliver a challenging yet safe core workout. Whether you are just starting to build core strength or want to up the ante and challenge your body in a different way, I recommend the SideShaper Pro.

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  • Weight 28lbs or 12kgs
  • User weight 250 lbs or 113kgs
  • Construction High-grade quality steel
  • Technology LCD Display
  • Workout Data Duration, reps and sets
  • Money back guarantee 30-day money back guarantee
  • Shipping Free shipping 
Katie Pierson CPT

Katie has been a certified fitness professional for twenty years and holds ten fitness certifications, including Spinning Elite and Personal Training. She has shared her expert knowledge in many fitness outlets like Bicycling & Verywellfit.

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