Merach S15 Upright Bike Review: My Honest Opinion After 45 Days

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Finding a dedicated space for a sweat session can be challenging if you live in an apartment or have a smaller home. That is why companies like Merach have started minimizing their equipment’s footprint with easily portable and even foldable options. I have tested the Merach S15 for the past 45 days to learn what this bike is capable of and the type of workout it can deliver. Can a bike that is under $200 offers everything you need for your next workout? Stick around to find out. 

My Verdict & Pros/ Cons 

I was pleasantly surprised with the smooth pedal stroke for a bike priced at under $200. Furthermore, this model is easy to transport and store, making it ideal for people with small fitness spaces or living in small apartments or homes. This 4-in-1 bike includes recumbent, upright, arms, and back training due to the resistance bands and various riding positions it offers. 

How We Rated the Bike

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Rating System Categories

  • Construction Quality & Durability
  • Assembly Process
  • Comfort & Adjustability
  • Console, App Experience & Content
  • Support, Financing Options & Warranty
  • Value for Money

First Impression

Before breaking down the specs and features of the S15, I first want to talk about the expectations of this type of model. They will not be the same if you are looking for a foldable bike to offer the same stability and workout intensity possibilities as a high-end commercial-grade piece of equipment. But can they still provide a great workout experience without the hefty price tag? Yes! Now, let me show you what the S15 has to offer.

Main Specs & Features of the Spin Bike

  • Console: The S15 console displays basic metrics: time, RPM, distance, calories, and total mileage. 
  • Resistance: The sixteen levels of magnetic resistance offer a wide range of challenging pedaling options. This model also includes handheld resistance bands that are located on the frame of the bike.
  • Flywheel: The S15 includes a lightweight 1.5kg inertia flywheel.
  • Drive: A belt drive powers this Merach model.
  • Handlebars: Two sets of handlebars are available with this model. The handlebars, most often used when riding upright, include pulse sensors. A second set of handlebars that surround the saddle is available.
  • Water Bottle Holder: While this model does have a water bottle holder, the placement is behind the seat

Merach S15 Specs

  • Item Weight 39.7 Pounds
  • Material Metal 
  • Resistance Mechanism Magnetic
  • Product Dimensions 37.4” L x 20.9” W x 45.7” H
  • Maximum User Weight Recommendation 300 pounds

Detailed Review

MERACH S15 Folding Exercise Bike

The S15 magnetic folding bike offers upright and recumbent bike modes, arm and back exercises.

  • Affordable
  • Offers upright and recumbent riding positions
  • Easy-to-read monitor
  • Quiet
  • Free on-demand classes
  • Pedals are smaller
  • Might be challenging to adjust the frame for older riders
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Riding Experience & Performance: 4.2

  • Smoothness of Pedal Stroke– The smoothness of the pedal stroke for this bike is one of the most significant selling points. 
  • Resistance– Sixteen levels of magnetic resistance that can challenge a wide range of riders are available. The resistance is changed with a click of the resistance knob located on the frame of the bike. It does require a little effort to be able to adjust the knob, so it might be challenging for older riders that lack hand strength. The included resistance bands offer adequate resistance and are easily adjustable.
  • Noise– The S15 has magnetic resistance and a belt drive, but this bike still produces a slight whooshing sound when ridden. The noise it admits shouldn’t deter someone from purchasing this model.

Construction Quality & Durability: 4.3

Given this model’s price point, the S15 bike components are well-designed. The S15 feels very sturdy in both the upright and recumbent positions. The bike seems to be pretty durable, and consideration was taken in its design.

Assembly Process: 4.0

It took me under an hour from opening the box until this product was ready to be ridden. While the frame and flywheel are already assembled, the other components must be assembled. Whether you are more of a visual learner who prefers to follow along with a video or like to read the instructional manual, Merach supplies both methods for quick and easy assembly. I also appreciated that all the tools and bolts needed for the assembly process were clearly labeled.

Comfort & Adjustability: 4.1

I found the padded backrest and saddle to be comfortable while riding. I wish the recumbent handlebars had a little more padding where you grip them, as I think they might be a little more comfortable, but they were comfortable enough. Personally, the recumbent position was the most comfortable.

I did find that this model was a little tricky to adjust between the recumbent and upright position. I had a difficult time getting the knob to pull out to slide to a new position and found it easier just to remove it altogether until I was able to put the bike into the position that I preferred. 

Console, App Experience, and Content: 4.0

The battery-powered LCD console tracks essential metrics such as time, distance, cadence, speed, pulse rate, and total mileage.

Merach offers a free app with on-demand classes featuring instructor-led classes or video game-like experiences. Since the S15 connects to the app via Bluetooth, I loved seeing where I placed on the leaderboard during every ride. 

Support, Financing Options & Warranty: 4.6

The Merach staff has been accommodating and assisted with any questions I have had while assembling or using their products. Their response time is also incredibly fast.

While Merach doesn’t offer financing options, Amazon does provide financing opportunities.

Merach offers a 12-month limited warranty. It is important to note that if you purchase from Amazon, all warranty claims must go through Amazon instead of dealing with Merach.

Value for Money: 4.6

Since this model only costs $199, the S15 provides a pleasant riding experience for the price.

Comparison with Alternatives

Slim Cycle 

Bulbhead’s Slim Cycle retails for $199.99 and can be ridden upright or recumbent. I have tested this model, including eight magnetic resistance levels and a belt drive system. The foldable model can accommodate many riders ranging from 4’11” to 6’4” and up to 300 pounds! Resistance bands are also included in this model. With the purchase of the Echelon app, riders can take instructor-led workouts. 

Ativafit R8

The R8 from Ativafit is another foldable bike option that accommodates riders up to 250 pounds and between 5’0” and 5’11”. Coming in under $200, this bike also includes a four-in-one workout experience with the opportunity to ride in an upright or recumbent position and complete an arm or back workout with the adjustable resistance bands this bike provides. This model also includes eight levels of magnetic resistance. I have tested this myself and found it to be well crafted.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B2989

The SF-2989 offers riders 16 levels of magnetic resistance and is available for under $200. This foldable model accommodates riders with an inseam between 29” and 35.5”. Health & Fitness also offers free online lessons that can be viewed on your tablet or phone with a convenient device holder above the console. 


If you want something for a piece of equipment that offers versatility and is also a space saver due to its foldable design, the S15 might be a bike to consider. 

Great For & Not Recommended For

  • Great For
    • People who live in small apartments or homes
    • Those who prefer various riding positions
    • Senior citizens
    • People who do not have a large budget
  • Not Great For
    • People who like to ride out of the saddle
    • Those looking for an intense workout
    • People who lack the hand strength to adjust the bike into multiple riding positions.
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Katie has been a certified fitness professional for twenty years and holds ten fitness certifications, including Spinning Elite and Personal Training. She has shared her expert knowledge in many fitness outlets like Bicycling & Verywellfit.

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