Mental Health Benefits Of Indoor Cycling

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In recent years, indoor cycling has become incredibly popular. Many people have turned to cycling indoors on their own exercise bikes or even in a spinning studio for their fitness fix. Now, with bikes being so affordable and with the technology they offer, I can see why.

A lot of people speak about the physical health benefits of indoor cycling when mental health benefits are the main point of exercise for many. In this article, I want to discuss them with you so you know exactly what to expect when jumping on a bike. I am going to discuss:

  • Mental Health Benefits: Instructor’s Point Of View
  • The Mental Health Benefits
  • Anxiety And Indoor Cycling 

Mental Health Benefits: Instructor’s Point Of View

It’s important to understand that the benefits of indoor cycling can be different for every rider. As a long-time indoor cycling instructor myself, I have taken many riders through the process. I have found it’s different for everyone, but there are always benefits.

You would be surprised at what something as simple as indoor cycling can do to your mental health. Simply jumping on a bike a few times a week can make you more confident and happier, and it can completely change the way you go through your day.

The Mental Health Benefits

Now for the exciting part! Let’s start discussing the mental health benefits of indoor cycling. Here’s what you need to know. 

1. It Makes You Happy

The first thing to mention is that it will make you happier. When exercising, your body releases a chemical called dopamine, which makes you feel great. You know how, after a workout, you feel like you’re absolutely buzzing? Well, a lot of this comes down to dopamine. 

For some people, that’s what they like about exercise. They might not enjoy tough, challenging sessions, but the fact that it makes them happy while doing it and after is a huge benefit. 

2. It Increases Confidence

One benefit I have noticed in many participants who come to my classes is the increased confidence they get after regularly attending sessions. The difference is incredible after a while, and the best thing about it is that people exercising at home get the same effect.

This goes a long way in every aspect of life, from meeting new people to having the confidence to try new things and much more. When you constantly challenge yourself on the bike and improve, the difference it makes to your ability is huge.

3. Mental Clarity

Indoor cycling is a great way to shake off worries and complicated situations and get your head straight. A good 30 minutes or an hour on the bike will clear up your mind and make things feel much clearer. 

Many people train before work to go into the office with a clean mind and think straight, or train after work to clear their heads after a long day. Indoor cyclists find that just a short session on the bike can completely change their thought process and make it much clearer.

4. Brain Health

Many people overlook the importance of brain health. Just like the muscles in your body, using the brain helps it improve and last longer. Physical activity has been linked to improving brain function and can help slow down cognitive decline.

Indoor cycling can help maintain a sharp mind and promote the growth of new brain cells to help enhance brain activity. This can help prevent conditions such as dementia and other issues later in life people come across. 

5. Stress Reduction

Stress is becoming a major issue for many in modern times. Many generally work longer hours, can easily find ourselves in stressful situations, and life is busier. Indoor cycling is a great way to reduce stress.

Not only does it release good endorphins, but stress is easily reduced, along with better mental clarity and increased confidence. Many people who suffer from stress easily turn to indoor cycling as it can help manage it. 

6. Increased Energy Levels

Indoor cycling promotes improved energy levels physically and mentally. People who regularly get on their bikes at home or attend classes generally have much more energy to give throughout the day.

That means you can focus for longer, have better concentration, make fewer mistakes, and are overall more efficient at solving problems. Many people think it’s crazy to train before or after a long day, but it really helps. 

7. Better Sleep

When I don’t exercise much, I struggle to sleep. There’s something to be said for pushing your body during the day to help you rest at night. Indoor cycling is a fantastic way of doing this, and because it is low-impact, it can be done often. 

The feeling of sleeping better at night can add to every other benefit above. Waking up in the morning fully rested and ready to take on the world is a great feeling, and why can’t you have that every day?

8. It’s Empowering

The process of setting a goal and achieving it is very important for your mental health. It helps you define a goal and works the brain to find the solution to achieve that. People who consistently challenge themselves often have much better mental health.

Every time you get on that bike, you are challenging yourself. You have to work hard to achieve a goal or get to the end of a tough session. How empowered you feel when you come away from this makes the sessions completely worth it. 

9. It Teaches Discipline

Another amazing benefit is that indoor cycling is excellent at teaching discipline in small doses. When you get on the bike and commit to an hour-long session, you must be disciplined enough to see it through to the end, no matter what comes your way. 

The process of setting these challenges and being disciplined enough not just to get on the bike and see them through hugely benefits mental health. Practicing discipline not only helps you train regularly, but it can also help you keep a good diet and ensure you get to work on time each day. 

10. Helps You Regulate Emotions Better

Indoor cycling can help you regulate your emotions better. People who exercise regularly are known to be more in control when it comes to managing highs and lows throughout their day. 

Also, being in control of challenging situations goes a very long way. A spinning class or indoor cycling workout can be a situation where it may be tough because you need to regulate your emotions and stay in control.

Anxiety & Indoor Cycling

Another factor to mention is anxiety about indoor cycling. It’s not rare for people to feel anxious about exercise and going to an indoor cycling class. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it’s perfectly normal. 

As an instructor who has helped many people who are anxious about joining a class or cycling indoors in general there’s nothing to be nervous about. The first thing I recommend is to find an instructor that you like and want to train with.

The important thing to remember is that you are in total control of everything. You can leave the room at any time, and you don’t have to make any moves you don’t feel comfortable doing. The resistance on the bike is yours to adjust. 

A Final Note

Indoor cycling has huge mental health benefits, and although most people assume it’s just for physical benefits, they couldn’t be more wrong. Thanks for taking the time to read our article. 

Robbie Ferri CPT

Robbie from “Riding with Robbie” is a Personal Trainer living in in Norfolk, UK. He has bikepacked all over the World, and also raced ultra distance at a top-level. He has worked closely with industry leaders such as Shimano.

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