I Tried the Cubii Total Body+ for 30 Days: My Honest Review

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After testing a Cubii JR2 in the past, I was very excited when I was asked to try the Cubii Total Body+ model. Over the past thirty days, I have put the Cubii Total Body+ to the test, and I am excited to share my thoughts on this under-desk elliptical. 

My Verdict: 4.8 / 5.0

Cubii once again delivers a product that has been thoughtfully crafted to give a fantastic at-home workout. After testing the JR2, I thought the realm of under-desk ellipticals couldn’t get any better, but I was wrong, as the Cubii Total Body+ elevates the performance in this market.

Pros and Cons

Things We Like

  • Extremely smooth ride
  • Backlit console
  • Superior resistance band design
  • 12 resistance levels
  • Easy to assemble
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Things that could be Better

  • Might be difficult to move for older users or those with physical limitations

How We Rated the Cubii+

To keep our rating of the various exercise models we test, the team at Girl Bike Love has created a series of categories we evaluate. Each model can earn up to five points in each section. Please see our categories below.

Rating System Categories

  • Riding Experience & Performance
  • Construction Quality & Durability
  • Assembly Process
  • Comfort & Adjustability
  • Console, App Experience & Content
  • Support, Financing Options & Warranty
  • Value for Money

First Impression

I loved how this 2-in-1 compact elliptical combines the low-impact cardio workout of an elliptical machine with the resistance pulley system of a rowing machine. The Bluetooth connectivity of the Cubii Total Body+ helped me track all of my metrics using the Cubii mobile app and my Fitbit watch.

Main Specs & Features of the Spin Bike

Features/ Mechanics

  • Flywheel: A lightweight ZeroGravitii flywheel created by Cubii is available for this model. 
  • Drive System: The belt drive allows for a whisper-quiet riding experience.
  • Pedals: Oversized grooved pedals help to secure shoes of many different sizes throughout each rotation.
  • Backlit LCD Screen: The backlit LCD screen tracks various fitness metrics, including calories, distance, time, and strides, that connect via Bluetooth to multiple fitness watches and the Cubii app. It also offers the option for multiple users to save their profiles.
  • Pulley Resistance Bands: The pulley system resistance bands offer a challenge while providing comfort with their ergonomic handles.


  • Max User Weight 250bls or 113kgs
  • Machine Weight 22.1 Pounds
  • Screen LCD Display
  • Dimensions 20.9 x 17.6 x 10.1 inches
  • Bluetooth Connectivity

Detailed Review

After testing the Cubii Total Body+ for the past thirty days, here are my ratings for this model.

Riding Experience & Performance: 5.0

The riding experience and performance of this model are fantastic. Each rotation is smooth, seamless, and whisper-quiet due to this belt-driven model. You can easily ride this model while on a conference call without being detected, as long as you are not riding it at too high of a resistance that changes your breathing enough to become noticeable. 

Since the Cubii Total Body+ offers twelve levels of magnetic resistance, a wide range of riders can be challenged. Many competitors only offer 8-10 levels of magnetic resistance.

Construction Quality & Durability: 4.9

The Cubii engineers carefully considered the components needed to make a superior under-desk elliptical. It is very well constructed, durable, and made from quality materials. At no point was I afraid I would damage the under-desk cycle from regular wear and tear, unlike other models I have tested. In my opinion, Cubii makes quality products that are built to last and do not feel like corners have been cut during the engineering process. (My JR2 still works as well as it did the first day I opened the box, and it has been used often over the past year). 

I enjoyed how easy this model was to transport with the strap and handle option. This model also offers convenient wheels for those who prefer not to lift it but want to wheel it into position. Note: My mom, who is a little older and awaiting surgery, especially thought that this was a nice feature.

Assembly Process: 4.9

Cubii makes it easy to start riding, from opening the box to beginning your first workout. It only took me about ten minutes from cutting the box open until I was ready to start testing. This is partly because the Total Body+ comes almost completely assembled, and Cubii provides all the necessary tools. All I had to assemble was attach the feet and pedals. 

Comfort & Adjustability: 4.8

This model was designed with comfort in mind. The shape of the oversized pedals offers riders with larger and wider shoes the same comfort level as those with smaller feet. Since the pedals have a shelf that helps keep the shoe in place and a grooved surface, toe straps are not a must for the Total Body+, making this model more comfortable for a more extensive range of exercisers.

The intensity level can be easily adjusted with twelve resistance levels to find the best one to meet your fitness goals. The resistance can be easily adjusted up and down with a simple click of the plus or minus button on the console. This feature makes this model better for senior citizens or those lacking hand strength.  

The handles of the resistance bands have been thoughtfully designed to be easily gripped, and soft padding provides comfort throughout your workout. I especially liked the elliptical shape of the handles since they were easier to grab and more comfortable than the standard straight handles that are most commonly associated with resistance bands. 

Console, App Experience & Content: 4.7

There is no need to change position to view this console since it is backlit and straightforward to read. I was impressed with the display and enjoyed that it tracked metrics such as time, strides, distance, and calories and displayed the resistance level. I like that the console offers two users and a guest option for riding to keep track of your metrics. The console also indicates whether or not the device has been paired via Bluetooth. With this model’s enhanced connectivity, it connects to the Cubii app and various smartwatches, including Fitbit, Apple Watch, and HealthKit.

The Cubii app provides a wide range of on-demand and live classes from Studio+. Did I mention that the app is free? I loved not having to enter my payment details or being limited to the content I received because it was free. Unlike many other companies that have changed their model, such as Peloton, that are now offering a free version of their apps but provide very little in hopes of forcing people to join a higher plan. The app is straightforward to use and navigate to find the perfect one I want to take with the built-in filters such as instructor preference, duration, and format.

Support, Financing Options & Warranty: 4.7

Since I have not experienced any issues with my Cubii Total Body+, I have not used Cubii’s support firsthand, but Cubii makes it easy to contact them via the website and by phone. If you like troubleshooting things on your own first, Cubii has put together several resources for customers to find answers.

Cubii offers financing options such as no-interest payments.

A 12-month limited warranty is available for this model. After purchasing, ensure that you have also registered your model, and your warranty can be extended for an additional year free of charge.

Value for Money: 4.7

While I understand that this model is more expensive than similar products on the market, coming in at $449, the quality of the Cubii+ is worth the investment if you are serious about consistently using it.

Alternatives to the Cubii Total Body+

Merach S04

This Merach model is another piece of equipment that I have been able to test first-hand. Priced at just under $160, this model rides more like a traditional bike than an elliptical. Coming in at only 18 pounds, this model is more accessible to move for older users and offers 16 levels of magnetic resistance. I tried it for a few weeks so that you can read my Merach S04 review for more information.

DeskCycle 2

The DeskCycle 2 is adjustable, allowing it to fit under most desk heights. This equipment has earned a 4.6 out of rating with over 4,000 reviews. Priced at only $153, this model boasts eight levels of magnetic resistance that offer 39 pounds of resistance. 

Sunny Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical 

The Sunny SF-E3872 under-desk elliptical includes eight levels of magnetic resistance and a belt drive system with a seven-inch stride length. This model retails for $149.99 and has almost 10,000 reviews, scoring a 4.5 out of 5 from purchasers. While many purchasers raved about the price and quality, a few older consumers said moving was challenging since it weighs 25 pounds. 

Bottom Line

This model’s elliptical design and craftsmanship set the Cubii Total Body+ in a class of its own. There might be less expensive models available in the market, but the cheaper price tag will be felt in design and craftsmanship. If the Cubii Total Body+ is in your budget, I recommend adding this model to your short list of potential under-desk ellipticals.

Cubii Total Body+

The Bluetooth-enabled Cubii Total Body+ combines the low-impact cardio of an elliptical with the ergonomic pulley system of a rowing machine. 

Price & Reviews

Great For & Not Recommended For

  • Great For
    • People who live in small apartments or homes
    • Those who sit for long periods or sit at a desk
    • People of all fitness levels
    • Exercisers who want to add more movement to their day
  • Not Great For
    • People looking for the same muscle activation and intensity level that a standard elliptical provides. (No under-desk model can provide this)
    • Those with a smaller budget
Katie Pierson CPT

Katie has been a certified fitness professional for twenty years and holds ten fitness certifications, including Spinning Elite and Personal Training. She has shared her expert knowledge in many fitness outlets like Bicycling & Verywellfit.

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