I Tried Spin Classes on Apple Fitness+ for 7 Days: My Honest Opinion

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Many fitness applications are available on your application store for you to get your cycling or fitness fix on. One of the most recent to hit our shelves is the Apple Fitness+. We heard some pretty solid reviews about it and decided that it was time to try it.

We decided to use Apple Fitness+ for a week to see what all the hype was about. In this article, we will tell you what we liked and didn’t like and why you might consider it your next training application. We will be discussing:

  • What Is Apple Fitness+?
  • Apple Fitness+ Review
  • Pros And Cons
  • Final Thoughts

What Is Apple Fitness+?

Apple Fitness+ is an application designed for IOS users (iPad, iPhone, etc) to get their fitness fix. It doesn’t just offer cycling classes but HIIT, Strength, Yoga, and much more. It’s very high quality, and although it comes in later than its competition, it’s well thought through.

Apple Fitness+ is designed to be used in conjunction with the Apple Watch. It can take data metrics from your watch and give you real-time information while you work out in the various classes they offer. The application caters to all levels of fitness and is very user-friendly. 

Apple Fitness+ is more than just an application for indoor cycling but pretty much any indoor training you might want to do. There’s very little not to like with new classes every week and personal recommendations for you depending on what you have been doing.

Apple Fitness+ Review

So, let’s go into a little more detail about my experience using Apple Fitness+. Here’s what you need to know, plus my video with actual footage of the app! 

Device Compatibility

Let’s start with device compatibility. Apple Fitness+ will only work on IOS devices, which means you have your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. This means that Android users do not get the option to use Apple Fitness, but I feel that with the number of Apple users, they won’t be short of sales.

Apple Fitness+ is designed to work with the Apple watch to take your data and then give you on-screen information. You still get an amazing experience without the watch, but it gives much less data and makes it harder to track the effort you’re putting into the workout.


Apple Fitness comes in at about $12, which is incredibly good value for money. It’s much cheaper when you compare it to similar applications such as Peloton and Echelon, which are $50 a month. For what Apple offers as far as classes go, it’s very little money for amazing workouts. 

It does come with a month’s free trial, or on purchase of an Apple device, some offers will give a longer free trial. It’s much lower priced than I thought it would be because there’s a huge amount of content on there. 

Ease Of Use

I have always been a big fan of an application that gets you straight into the action. Some you can spend five to ten minutes just setting up the workout you want and what entertainment you want.

There’s no messing around with Apple Fitness+. You get straight into the action, and finding the correct workout for your needs is very simple. There’s even a filter system so you can filter down the workouts to instructor, time, and even style of music. 


When it comes to connectivity, the application is best used with an Apple Watch for better data metrics, as mentioned before. Regarding other connectivity, it won’t link to your bike for automatic resistance.

Another great feature I loved was that you can airplay the workout from your phone to a smart TV. So, although it might feel very Apple-focused, it doesn’t just limit you to Apple screens. 

Data Metrics

As far as data metrics go, if you are using the Apple Watch, then not only do you get heart rate and calories on the screen, but after, you can go into the fitness application and see a full breakdown of what your body was doing throughout the workout. 

Without the Apple Watch, you are just watching a video and following the workout. It still gives an amazing experience, but the watch is important if you want to reflect on your workouts and see how hard you have worked and how many calories you might have burnt.


Regarding entertainment, Apple Fitness+ combines itself with its Apple music partners. You get some great tracks alongside very motivated instructors, which are pleasant to ride with. I do feel very entertained, for sure. 

I really like how they combine the workouts with the music. It offers such a great experience. Another feature that helps is you get on-screen instructions telling you RPM, and having subtitles is a lovely touch.


When it comes to community, Apple Watch offers the opportunity to be in a small community of your friends who have Apple Watches. You can see the workouts they are doing and the calories they are burning in them. You can even have weekly competitions on workouts. 

Special Features

As far as special features go, Apple Fitness+ has done excellently. You don’t just get cycling, but you also get so many other types of classes, such as Yoga, Running, Meditation, HIIT, Strength, and loads more. 

You can also build custom plans where you can set your week out with different workouts and help yourself stay organized. The suggested workouts are also a lovely touch, tracking what you’re already doing and recommending classes you will like.

Pros And Cons

To keep it simple, here are the pros and cons of Apple Fitness+:


  • Very High Quality
  • Connects To Apple Watch For Data Metrics
  • Not Just Cycling, Loads Of Other Classes
  • The Weekly Planner Is A Great Feature
  • Price Is Excellent


  • Only IOS Users
  • For Data Metrics, You Need An Apple Watch

My Honest Opinion

Like most Apple products, they do a lot of research and come to market with some amazing products. Apple Fitness+ is an excellent application, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can see myself keeping and using it when I need a little more motivation or just a fun session.

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